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A skilfully landscaped lawn can turn your yard into a beautiful paradise where you and your family can retreat to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of life...
Landscape Construction is a term which generalizes all installations intended to improve the visual appeal of a home’s exterior...
Daniel's Landscaping Services offers high quality commercial and residential lawn care and maintenance services at competitive prices... 

 Drainage systems

Low Voltage Lighting

Driveways, patios & walkways

Our landscaping company offers several different types of outdoor lighting including area lights, walkway or pathway lighting and outdoor lighting...
Before you can effectively solve any drainage problem, you must first determine the source of the problem... 
Retaining walls provide both form and functionality to an overall landscape design and can be used to create steps or level areas on a sloped surface...

Landscaping Design & Installation

A skilfully landscaped lawn can turn your yard into a beautiful paradise where you and your family can retreat to unwind and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Enlisting the services of professional landscape design specialists can help create a stunning landscape and help maintain it once the project is complete.
If you're someone who wants their home or business to have a unique curb appeal, our experienced designers and installers can help!

Daniel's Landscaping Services can design and install the landscape of your dreams. We'll work with you to create a landscape that makes sense for you. Our process is simple. One of our professional designers will collaborate with you to create a landscape design that works with your wants, needs, property,
and budget.

When the master plan is completed, an estimate for the entire project will be provided. If you approve all aspects of the design and estimate, we will set a date to begin the installation and our experienced installers will make your design a reality.
Our designers and installers are educated, creative, and professional. We keep you involved in the design process of your new landscape while it is being developed. Perfection is the goal of all of our projects!

Landscaping Maintenance

Daniel's Landscaping Services is a company with many years of experience in landscaping maintenance and tree cutting. We are a local company located in the Monterey area in California. Our goal is to satisfy all your landscaping maintenance needs.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and demonstrate our work and experience. Next time you think of a project in landscaping, please feel free to call us for a Free Estimate. We would love to be part of your next project.

Hardscape & Masonry


The non-living elements of a landscape like walls, patios, gazebos and walkways constitute the hardscape. Hardscape elements are one of the first things plugged into the landscape based on the lay of the land, natural landscape and surrounding environment. No matter if it is a small patch of land or a sprawling country estate, it is the arrangement of the hardscape elements that creates an aesthetically pleasing look.
The centerpiece or focal point of most yards, beds and gardens is stonework.

At Daniel's Landscaping Services, we strive to make this aspect of landscaping the center or focus of our work, as well, which many satisfied residential and commercial customers enthusiastically describe as the showpiece of their property. Years of training and experience show in every hardscape or masonry project that we do, whether it’s a walkway, driveway, patio, terrace, wall or set of stairs, all consisting of different sizes and shapes of material.

Among our most popular and frequently requested hardscape or masonry projects are concrete or brick paver walkways, bluestone patios, fieldstone walls, granite steps or stairs, cobblestone borders, and concrete block retaining walls. There literally is no limit to the imagination of a homeowner or business owner when selecting hardscape materials for their project, including type and composition of the material, as well as the variety of styles, colors, and textures that are available. Along with adding an element of beauty or artistry to your property, stonework also adds value and appeal. From a simple bluestone walkway to the ultimate heated driveway under interlocking brick or concrete pavers, stonework almost always provides the “wow” factor to any home or business landscape.

Landscaping Lighting

Daniel's Landscaping Services is a family owned business that has been installing quality pool lighting, outdoor lighting, and landscape lighting for over 12 years. We take pride in our award winning workmanship and go above and beyond to accommodate our customers landscape lighting needs!

We have several affordable packages available to meet your budget. We know the market and our pricing is very competitive. Daniel's Landscaping Services uses only the highest quality products and latest technology such as LED lights and bulbs. We work with landscapers, builders, architects, pool companies, paver companies, and realtors throughout Monterey, California.

Irrigation System

An irrigation system can help keep your lawn green and healthy. Irrigation can keep you from over watering as well. Irrigation systems are used on residential homes, businesses, farms, in gardens, and so much more. Sprinkler or overhead irrigation, water is piped to one or more central locations within the field and distributed by overhead high-pressure sprinklers or guns.

A system utilizing sprinklers, sprays, or guns mounted overhead on permanently installed risers is often referred to as a solid-set irrigation system. Higher pressure sprinklers that rotate are called rotors and are driven by a ball drive, gear drive, or impact mechanism. Rotors can be designed to rotate in a full or partial circle.

Drainage System

Standing water left in your lawn after heavy rainfall cause a variety of problems including dying grass, muddy soil, wilting shrubs and water logged plants. It can also create a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If left untreated, drainage problems can destroy the health and beauty of your lawn and your landscaping.

Daniel's Landscaping Services solves drainage problems for commercial and residential clients in Monterey and the communities of California. Call Us know and get free estimates (831) 915-6567.

Artificial Turf

Over the years, synthetic turf has come a long way from the old Astro Turf. Many home owners, business establishments, and government facilities have enjoyed the benefits of having a minimal maintenance lawn with the look and playability of natural grass.

Installing a good quality artificial turf will not only provide an investment overtime in yout property, but it will also serve as a means of conserving water. When you factor in the expense of maintaining a natural lawn: water, gardener cost, fertilizers, weed and bug killers, resoding, irrigation repairs, and your time.